SINCE 2015

Since its inception in 2015, The Yiros Shop has been committed to delivering nothing but the finest to our beloved community throughout Brisbane, and now, extending to the broader regions of Queensland. We take pride in offering genuine and freshly made meals, infusing a contemporary flair into classic Greek delicacies by emphasizing the use of local and eco-friendly ingredients. As a family-owned and run enterprise, we cherish the tradition of passing down recipes from one generation to the next and are honored to be regarded as the top choice for Greek cuisine in the area.





Experience the culinary delights of Greece with The Yiros Shop – Brisbane’s top destination for authentic Greek cuisine. Established in 2015 on James Street in Fortitude Valley, our family-founded venture has become a beloved fixture in the local food scene. Indulge in traditional Greek Yiros and tantalizing Hellenic treats, all while being part of a growing brand with a dedicated following.

Envision the unrivalled perks of joining the Yiros family: comprehensive ongoing support and training, invaluable mentoring directly from The Yiros Shop’s visionary founder, and robust marketing assistance. Our franchise is more than a business; it’s an engaging, rewarding venture that’s as fulfilling as it is profitable.

Our business model? Uncomplicated, yet effective. Designed with simplicity in mind to ensure easy management, it provides a turnkey solution for entrepreneurial individuals who are as passionate about Greek cuisine as we are.

Take the helm of a thriving Yiros Shop franchise, and become a part of the extraordinary gastronomic journey that’s taking Brisbane, and soon the world, by storm.

  • Opening Day event to boost visibility

  • End to end Recruitment handled by The Yiros Shop head office team

  • Payroll is completely handled by head office to help with compliance across the brand



The Yiros Shop business model has been designed to be simple and easy-to-run. Franchisees will receive approximately 4 months of initial training to help get you immersed in the brand. We have dedicated New Restaurant Opener that will guide and support you through your initial setup of your business, design and building, initial training for you and your team all the way to opening day.

They will then be there to support you post opening to make sure that your building, service and team are up to The Yiros Shop standards.

As a franchisee, you will receive support from the Head Office in marketing, HR, payroll, supply chain and operations so that you have more time to immerse yourself into the community, local area marketing and focus on growing your business. We know that running a business is hard so we systems and automation to help you through.

  • 24H I.T Support
  • Ongoing Marketing Support

  • Custom Systems and tools to make your day to day easy



We feel very grateful to be part of The Yiros Shop brand. Since the day we expressed our interest in franchising we have received very generous support from the team at TYS. The Yiros Shop family considered us as their first adopted (franchisee) child, and have always shown us dedication and care towards the development of our business. Nick and the team at The Yiros Shop, have helped us turn our dream into a reality, which we now are able to enjoy the journey of being the owners of a very successful franchise business.

When making our decision to purchase our own franchise, we wanted to be involved with a business which was cherished by the community, who could provide full support to their franchise partners and its staff, who served delicious healthy food, and were fun to work with. The bonus was that this allowed us to achieve and support a balanced lifestyle. When we joined The Yiros Shop we realised this was what we could achieve by being a part of the business and the team. We are very thankful to the whole TYS team for sharing their knowledge, support and inspiration at all times.

Thank you,

Atul and Ruchita – The Yiros Shop Jindalee


Are you interested in owning your own franchise?  Do you have strong leadership skills and love to get hands-on? We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated franchisees to join our growing Greek family.


To access detailed information about our brand, the necessary requirements, the specific terms of our franchise offer, and the steps you need to follow, please fill out the form provided below. Once completed, we will promptly send you an extensive package that covers all these aspects.

The financial investment required for our franchise varies based on the type of restaurant format you choose, which includes strip, food court, and drive-thru options. Each has its unique set of costs associated with them. To provide you with the most accurate and relevant information, we encourage you to submit your inquiry using the provided form. We will then be able to address your specific questions and offer detailed financial expectations for your chosen restaurant type.

While it is beneficial for our franchisees to have a solid understanding of the food industry, it is not an absolute requirement. However, we do prefer individuals who have a comprehensive understanding of the food preparation process. We recommend that applicants have a minimum of four years of experience in the Hospitality industry, as this often provides the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully run a franchise. If you don’t have this experience but are still interested, we encourage you to get in touch and we can discuss potential training and support options.

The process would take a minimum of 6 months to finalise documents, site selection & building and franchisee training.